24 Hours of Le Mans / Le Mans Classic

The 24 Hours of Le Mans’week and the one of the Le Mans Classic (every two years) are really special. Over time Chanteloup became an unavoidable destination for many automobile fans, mostly English, who arrive at the beginning of the week with their Lotus, Ultima, Porsche or even 40 or even GT Cobra replica for the craziest!

During these weeks the atmosphere at Chanteloup is unique. The car enthusiasts meet, share, sympathize … Everyone is evolving in a friendly and joyful atmosphere.

Special activities are organized as the competition of elegance, which takes place after the drivers parade in Le Mans. The most beautiful cars of Chanteloup are selected for a parade in fron the castle. A quiz on the 24h of Le Mans is set up and for the most skilled ones some nice rewards are to be won! The jury deliberates and cups are awarded to winners. The Chanteloup staff then offers everyone  a cocktail on the terrace.The evening continues with a live band, entertainment guaranteed!

For the sport cars show that takes place during Le Mans Classic week, a “garden party” outfit is required!

On Sunday evening, after the festivities on the circuit, everyone gathers around a buffet or a barbecue in the courtyard of the commons.